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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Promotion System

Sustainability Promotion System


Sustainability Promotion System

Operational Framework for Sustainability

Mitsubishi Estate takes an active, group-wide approach to sustainability. Chaired by the President & Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Estate with the Director responsible for Sustainability (the Director in charge of the Sustainability Management and Promotion Department at Mitsubishi Estate) as the deputy chair, the Group's Sustainability Committee comprises executives in charge of respective functional and business groups and the executives in charge of the Corporate Group, as well as managers of the major Group companies, and it ensures group-wide implementation of sustainability. The Sustainability Subcommittee serves as forum for detailed discussion to prepare for Sustainability Committee meetings.

The Sustainability Committee typically meets twice a year to deliberate and report on important matters related to sustainability. Prior to the meetings of the Sustainability Committee, the Sustainability Subcommittee conducts preliminary discussions and reporting while compiling information on efforts to promote sustainability made by business groups.

The deliberations of the Sustainability Committee are submitted to the Executive Committee whenever necessary in light of their importance and other factors. The deliberations of the Sustainability Committee are also reported to and supervised by the Board of Directors.

The Sustainability Committee formulates policies and plans. In implementing the policies and plans it approves, the Director responsible for Sustainability oversees the process, while the sustainability managers and staff of each department at Mitsubishi Estate and each Mitsubishi Estate Group company and the Sustainability Promotion Executive Office (Sustainability Management and Promotion Department at Mitsubishi Estate) together head the execution of specific activities and studies.

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Monitoring Progress Relating to Key Themes

The Mitsubishi Estate Group formulated the Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for the SDGs, a core component for its strategy of increasing social value, and one of the strategic drivers that the Group has set out in its Long-Term Management Plan 2030 (launched in 2020). The 2030 Goals make plain the four key themes of the environment, diversity & inclusion, innovation, and resilience, and articulate specific action plans and targets for each theme. For the "environment" theme in particular, the Group has established quantitative goals linked to international initiatives, such as the formulation of science-based targets (SBTs) and participation in RE100.

To achieve these goals, the Group has incorporated its annual targets and initiatives related to the four key themes into annual plans for each organization and function. The Sustainability Committee tracks Group-wide progress and manages the process using the PDCA cycle. Target progress and detail are also regularly monitored by third-party organizations.

Finally, achieving the annual plans is included as one of the qualitative evaluation criteria for determining officer remuneration.

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Past Meetings of the Sustainability Committee

Fiscal 2021

1st meeting (July 7, 2021)

  • Review of energy-related targets (SBT, RE)
  • Report on Energy and Urban Development Action 2050
  • Information on activities for OMY SDGs ACT5 2021 and status of their implementation
  • Status of initiatives toward achieving Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for the SDG

2nd meeting (February 25, 2022)

  • Revisions to energy-related targets (SBT, RE)
  • Revisions to CSR procurement guidelines and status of supply chain management-related initiatives
  • Raising the target for percentage of female managers
  • Report on activities for OMY SDGs ACT5 project
  • Status of initiatives toward achieving Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for the SDGs

Past Meetings

Fiscal 2020

1st meeting (July 30, 2020)
  • Partial revision of the Sustainability Committee Regulations and the Sustainability Subcommittee Regulations
  • Discussion of OMY SDGs ACT5
  • Roadmap toward achieving the Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for SDGs and analysis of issues
  • Discussion of recent topics, etc.
    • (1)Mitsubishi Estate Group's SDGs-related press release
    • (2)Sustainability-related topics (report on recent conditions based on global situation associated with COVID-19 pandemic)
    • (3)Current status of Mitsubishi Estate-sponsored promotions
2nd meeting (February 8, 2021)
  • Discussion on introducing renewable power in Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho area
  • Initiative related to ensuring traceability of concrete formwork panels at Mitsubishi Estate Residence
  • OMY SDGs ACT5 event report
  • Discussion on promotion of internal communication measures related to sustainability
  • Discussion on complying with ESG index benchmarks
  • Discussion on implementation of third-party checks aimed at promotion of the Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for SDGs

Fiscal 2019

1st meeting (December 2019)
2nd meeting (February 2020)
  • Discussion of the promotion plan and system of checks aimed at "spiraling up" the action plan for Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for SDGs, and proposal for concrete action plan in the human rights area
  • Discussion of joining RE100 and endorsement of TCFD recommendations

Fiscal 2018

1st meeting (July 2018)
  • Setting numerical targets for KPIs and extension of boundaries (scope of disclosure), including consideration of science-based target (SBT) content (medium- to long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets)
  • Implementing in-house SDGs working group (including review of materiality)
  • Publication of Integrated Report
  • Human rights due diligence procedures
  • Green bond issuance
2nd meeting (March 2019)
  • SDGs working group implementation report
  • Participation in medium- to long-term CO2 emissions reduction targets (SBTs)
  • Review of KPIs
  • Change of rules and organization name
  • (Name changed from CSR & Environmental Sustainability Department to Sustainability Management and Promotion Department in fiscal 2019)

Fiscal 2017

1st meeting (July 2017)
  • Report on FY2016 key CSR themes and KPI results
  • CSR activities report, etc.
2nd meeting (February 2018)
  • Initiatives for SDGs and review of key CSR themes and KPIs
  • Launch of human rights due diligence study group

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